Solid Architecture

Our background is a strong database design. With over 25 years of experience in data-based application development, at AcuRapid we start every project right at the drawing board by asking ourselves how can we build the application based on and anchored with a solid architecture?

Our approach is threefold as follows:

1. Understand Data

This phase requires a solid understanding of the application. Having developed software in diverse industries in the past, we are very good at understanding the application and its data implication, and we get it very fast!

2. Data Structure

In the next phase, we ornament the data with a structure that organizes the data. This is a tricky proposition. The data structure should be forward-looking so that it can be expanded in the future revisions without a need to re-structure the data elements. The tricky part is to predict the manner in which data would be expanded. This requires experience and we have it at AcuRapid.

3. Solid Architecture

In the third phase, we design and build a solid architecture that wraps the data structure in order to scale the application to achieve its short-term and long-term objectives. The architecture of Django framework itself is remarkably scalable and that helps us to start from a solid ground, nevertheless, we take a dedicated optimize the architecture of the application.

Cost Effectiveness
Stand behind competitive prices
Rapid Prototyping
Iterate until it is right
Stringent Deadlines
Efficient delivery turnaround
Solid Architecture
More designing, less coding

Tools we use:

python django MySQL The Planet jQuery YUI Library