Cost Effectiveness

At AcuRapid we develop web-based applications that are deployed reliably, delivered fast, and cost at competitive prices -- without sacrificing quality and workmanship.

Cost is almost always a factor in deciding which vendor should be awarded a contract. In critical projects, there is no high or low cost or budget. Only the right cost. We calculate cost based on the resources allocated to the project. We apply no cost factor (or markup) as some in this field like to apply. We feel this helps us to stay transparent and our clients like it, as they can get a spectrum in the pricing landscape.

We have secured many projects from reputed clients after they compared our cost with comparable competitors.

We are able to relate cost to quality and quantity of service. This implies that sometimes our estimate is higher than our competition, but clients understand why and they opt to award us the project.

Cost Effectiveness
Stand behind competitive prices
Rapid Prototyping
Iterate until it is right
Stringent Deadlines
Efficient delivery turnaround
Solid Architecture
More designing, less coding

Tools we use:

python django MySQL The Planet jQuery YUI Library