Under the hood, AcuRapid core competency is in using Django as the web application framework development and Python as the object-oriented programming language. On the surface, for user interface and user experience, we use HTML/XHTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. We also apply AJAX appropriately but extensively.

At AcuRapid we develop web-based applications that are reliable, delivered fast, and at a very competitive price -- without sacrificing quality and workmanship.

With over 10 years of experience in Web Application Rapid Prototyping (WARP), we utilize power of Django to create end-to-end web applications.

Depending on the urgency of projects (Time-to-Market), we utilize Agile Software Product Development. Based on application requirements, we use adaptive planning, step-wise development and delivery by applying a time-boxed iterative process, which result in accelerated delivery.

In addition to web design and web development services, we provide system architecture and application development -- all the way from conceptual design to development, deployment, production and support of your 7-by-24 web-based systems.

We are also expert in some PHP-driven Content Management Systems development, maintenance, and support -- in particular Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

You may also check us out on our mobile activities on AcuRapidMobile.com.

Cost Effectiveness
Stand behind competitive prices
Rapid Prototyping
Iterate until it is right
Stringent Deadlines
Efficient delivery turnaround
Solid Architecture
More designing, less coding

Tools we use:

python django MySQL The Planet jQuery YUI Library